Turkey asks for registration of Egyptian companies working with them before the next Tuesday

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Wednesday - 6 September 2017 - 2:41 PM



Well-informed sources in Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry revealed that, the Ministry of Turkish economy imposed new restrictions only on Egyptian products exported to Turkey. Which represent in obligating Egyptian companies to register whether manufacturers of exported products or were produced by others.



The Well-informed sources pointed out that the Turkish explained the purpose of this register is to make sure that there is no manipulation in the certificates of origin because of the increase in Egypt's exports to Turkey for some of items like yarn and textiles that enjoy customs exemption according to the Free Trade Agreement between the two countries.



The sources added that the secretary general of the Union of Turkish exporters of clothing and textiles, confirmed that the union asked the Turkish government to grant additional deadline for registration as the current instructions will apply from 5 September, where they will not be allowed to receive any Egyptian shipments from unregistered companies, pointing out that the union asked delay implementation to September 18 for preparing the required documents.



Regarding the most important products  for  which the new  Turkish  actions would be applied are  the yarn and textile sector that  is the most important and its  exports to Turkey more than 460 million dollars  in 2015 and include wool, Cotton, Yarn, carpets, fabrics, wallpaper, and clothing.