Prices of food commodities on packages are compulsory from January

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Tuesday - 12 September 2017 - 10:33 AM


Minister of Supply and Internal Trade decided to oblige producers and manufacturers to write prices of food commodities On packages for consumers starting January 1, and give producers and traders a deadline until the end of December to exhaust the stocks that were manufactured before the issuance of the decision in the framework of government action to address the unjustified rise in commodity prices that vary from one region to another and change them several times in one day sometimes.


The decision was sent to the Chambers of Commerce and the Federation of Industries to coordinate and resolve any problems facing its implementation and to identify their proposals on the executive procedures. In the coming weeks, many meetings will be held with their representatives in addition to the regulatory bodies such as consumer protection and supply investigation to Coordinate and cooperate in controlling the market and dealing with price disorder, as well as to make it easier for citizens and commitment to the market mechanisms and the free market economy according to the principles of the constitution and laws.


Hisham Kamel, the first Undersecretary of the Ministry in Giza, confirmed that the decision helps to reduce randomness because the producers will write the prices on the packages, which leads to the commitment of traders to real prices and reducing manipulation and fraud.