Cairo Chamber receives envoy of Trade Office of Western Australia

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Monday - 7 September 2015 - 2:28 PM


Based on the vital role of Cairo Chamber of Commerce in encouraging and increasing trade and economic relations and promoting investment between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the outside world and find appropriate ways for communication between Egyptian exporters and importers and foreign producers.

Mr. / ElBasha Idris –Cairo Chamber's Treasurer  Received Mr. / Aziz Saba, Director of Business Development  of Trade Office for Western Australia (cities of Perth and Fremantle).

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. / ElBasha Idris welcomed him and emphasized the importance of increasing trade relations between Egypt and Australia, noting the importance of cooperation between Egyptians businessmen and traders and their Australian counterparts in order to increase trade exchange between the two countries. He pointed out that the Chamber is keen to contribute in strengthening the trade and economic relations between the two countries and also he suggested exchanging visits between the two countries to study the market.

Mr. / Aziz Saba thanked him for allowing him to visit the Chamber and began talking about the Western Australia Commercial Office in Dubai and this office is promoting the products of Western Australia and this office is marketing Australian products like legumes and agricultural products. He explained that Australia owns 85% of the production of lupine in the world and added that his visit to Egypt this time to activate and increase the volume of trade exchange between the Egyptian market and the Australian market and consolidate the ties of trade relations with Cairo Chamber of Commerce. He reported that the mentioned office in touch with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia and it can communicate with them in order to organize trade missions for the Chamber.

 Mr. / Basha Idris suggested organizing trade delegation consists of the members of the Board of Directors and members of the business Divisions and entrepreneurs to visit the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia and visit the most important factories and companies, farms.


Mr. / Aziz Saba praised the idea and said he was ready to receive this delegation and prepare program for the visit which will take ten days to visit at least four states (two days each state) plus the days of arrival and departure