workshop on the analysis of the export opportunities

Place: Ard El Golf – Heliopolis
Start Date: 24/2/2014

End Date: 25/2/2014

Training workshop on the analysis of the export opportunities, tools and applications of International


Trade Centre ITC.




In the framework of the initiatives launched by the exporters ' Club to raise export efficiency of Egyptian


companies and Preparing export cadres qualified to enter new markets . the Egyptian business


development association has the honor to invite workers in the field of export development like


Companies owners , export managers and specialists , business development officials, and economic


researchers to participate in training workshops on tools and  mechanisms of International Trade Center


and its applications to open new export markets.




The workshop aims to identify:



Analysis tools of the most important markets and identifying the export opportunities



Analysis Methods for importing structure of targeted countries



Analysis of targeted products and sectors in International Markets



How to analyze competitors



Preparing database of trade partners and Rules of Origin



Analysis methods of Customs tariff applied among different countries




Venue of the workshop, the headquarter of the Egyptian Business Development Association

13 AlNozha St. Ard El Golf – Heliopolis

For more information about subscription , please contact: 0020222901035

Or send e-mail to

 ahmed.kamal @