Tamayoz center is an initiative launched by the Chamber of Commerce in Cairo


under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, with the support


of the Ministry of Communication and several other entities, including Cairo governorate


and the Ministry of Administrative Development, in cooperation with the United States Agency


for International Development.


It started on April 13th 2010, at the administrative building of Cairo governorate,


Opera House garage- Opera Square- Cairo.


Tamayouz center for trader services is the first center of its kind in Cairo.


It provides governmental services to traders from different regions.


It is considered a new concept in the world of commerce and serves as a link


between traders and different governmental services.


The center combines excellence in all the services that merchants


might need (starting an activity – continuing activity – closing an activity).


It is set apart because it focuses primarily on customer


satisfaction from the merchants.


Tamayouz center combines services offered by 8 different bodies in one place


 (one-stop service), namely:


1- Chamber of Commerce Certificate Services


2- Commercial registry services


3- Public Authority for the control of exports and imports services


4- Egyptian Tax Authority services


5- Customs services


6- Real estate services


7- License shops and industrial Services


8- Social insurance administration services



The main objectives of Tamayouz center include:


1- Establishing a new concept for providing services for government entities.


2- Delivering governmental services with a concept that focuses on the customer primarily.


3- Credibility and transparency in the provision of various services.


4- Providing different services in a simplified manner free from administrative


    complexities and red tape.


5- Providing a full range of services in one place


6- Providing technical advice to those who deal with the Centre in all fields.


7- Solving the problems of traders with the various service providers through direct


contact with the relevant authorities to resolve these problems.


Working hours:


From Sunday through Thursday: 9 a.m. to 2 p. m


Accepting applications from 9am until 2:30pm


Tel: 27877828 -  27877832


Fax: 27877830






Tamayoz Brochure