The Chamber’s Services




1-    Com​​munic​​​​​​ating with foreign organizations inside and outside Egypt to enhance the


bilateral trade between Egypt and other countries.



2-    Finding appropriate contact between exporters & importers in Egypt and abroad by


making BtoB meetings and exchanging required correspondences and communications for


networking between them.



3-    Informing the Chamber’s members about fairs, conferences, and bilateral trade


opportunities (export- import) domestically and internationally.



4-    Setting up economic researches, economic studies, and monthly reports on many


various commodities to identify the market state, and trying to find solutions for problems,


that facing Traders .



5-     Emerging from the Chamber many commercial devisions, which represent all sectors


within the framework of Cairo Governorate. These branches aim at promoting and upgrading


the performance of their activities, as well as discuss the difficulties that hinder them and


propose solutions to remove obstacles.



6-     Issuing various certificates such as : certificate of practice license to extract


commercial license by single window system, certificate of amendments added to


commercial register, certificate of practice to be  submitted to exporters register,


certificate of origin, and authentication of invoices.



7-    Resolving commercial disputes between Egyptian institutions amicably and also


between Egyptian and Foreign companies by the Chamber’s Arbitration committees.