Retail Academy




The Cairo Retail Academy is considered an Instructional and educational foundation that was established in 2009 and was supported by the ministries of Trade and Industry, and Communications and Information Technology, to work in a steady and effective way to develop the community and serve the entire commercial sector.



(Companies - chain stores - small and medium enterprises - retailers)



And that is through various administrative and technological training programs.


The door for training has been opened to all segments of society, especially university students in various fields, through the Chamber's social responsibility (ISO 26000) without restrictions or requiring work in companies and commercial activities in 2015.



In 2016, it was approved to register certificates for passing training courses from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.





Retail Academy Vision:



- Integrating and uniting all efforts to achieve an excellent level of global retail services to impact directly on the Commercial community.




- Providing training courses that keep up with the requirements of the times to improve society.



 - Improving services in shops, retail chains and small and medium-sized enterprises.


- Developing the employers' skills and abilities, as well as their staff by developing their abilities and methods of dealing with consumers.



- Achieving the communication between retail sector and governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), through seminars and training courses of educating the trader Services provided by these authorities.


- Educating traders about the methods of Supply and demand to keep up with the rapid developments of shops, and hyper commercial chains. 





Laboratories:  Three labs equipped with the most modern technology and can accommodate 60 Trainees at the same time.



Lecture hall: Fully equipped hall for seminars and lectures and can accommodate 48 trainees at the same time.



Conference hall:  Fully equipped hall for seminars and conferences, which can accommodate 450 individuals at the same time.





Academic achievements:



- Advanced training programs in all fields.



- Seminars and specialized programs that serve the commercial community in cooperation with other parties on how to deal with governmental and non-governmental agencies.



- Conferences.



- Training project for employment.



- Import practice program.



- Export practice program.



- Protocols with several different agencies.





Training fields:

Free courses on various trade and economic fields as:

- Marketing

- Computer softwares

- Specialized courses in computers

- Customer Service

- Salesmanship skills

- Leadership and management skills

- The development of human skills

- Financial accounting and taxation

- Procurement and inventory management software.

- Presentation


- Internet

-  Photoshop

- E-Marketing.

- Training of Trainers TOT

- Planning.

- Business Management.

- Communication skills.

- Negotiation art.

- Teaching financial accounting to become an accounting systems designer

- Effective selection of staff.

- Purchasing and warehouse management.


- E-commerce mechanisms and their effects on exports.

- Positive thinking and secrets of success

Crisis Management

- Total Quality Management

- operations management

- Projects management

- Etiquette

- Hospitality Art

- Secretarial skills

- Preparing an expert in corporate management


Required Documents:

- A copy of last receipt of the chamber subscription fee payment 
- A copy of the commercial register
- A copy of the national ID card
- A Letter of nomination from the employer including the number of trainees
- A copy of College ID for students 



For inquiries, please contact:



phone : 27962091 - 27928994 - 01022988487 - 01022988492



Fax: 27962091



Address: 4 Al-Falaki Square - Bab Al-Louk - Cairo Chamber of Commerce  Building (7th floor)



Companies that were trained :


Companies that were trained during 2009: 2012