Goals and vision

The vision:



Is that the Chamber of Commerce in Cairo be the leading voice for the business community, and to


occupy a respected position in Egypt and the Middle East so that it becomes the model and the standard


emulated in the service of the merchants.




The message:



To represent, support and protect the interests of the business community and to expand opportunities


for members through the provision of services with an outstanding level, in order to contribute to


sustainable economic development within the governorate of Cairo.




The task:


·        The Chamber of Commerce in Cairo provides many vital services to its members, including:



·        Issuance of certificates of Practice licenses.



·        Issuance of certificates of origin.



·        Organization of the people' various commercial work and working to solve their problems.



·        Preparation of research and economic studies on the market for many goods and services.



·        Contacts with the social bodies to find appropriate ways of contact between the Egyptians and


foreigners businessmen and traders.



·        Informing the members of the Chamber about international and local exhibitions and conferences.



·        Providing training courses for traders and various fields which belong to the trade affairs, in order to


achieve the benefit for the trader.




This is whole done by following a moral behavior, in a way that is transparent in decision-making and


complies with applicable laws and international standards of behavior, which would contribute in


achieving sustainable development and the welfare of the community, which shall qualify the Chamber of


Commerce in Cairo to achieve its vision for the future.