The Egyptian Pavilion in the Global Village

Place: The Egyptian Pavilion in the Global Village,Dubai - United Arab of Emirates
Start Date: 1/11/2017

End Date: 30/4/2018

The Egypt pavilion features more than 100 exhibitors showcasing handcrafts,


carved copper, antiquities, cotton clothes and Egyptian traditional dresses


(Jalabiyia) and national costumes. This year, the pavilion features an all new


cultural experience zone where you can indulge yourself and learn about


Egyptian culture. A bazaar of home furniture with Egyptian-Ottoman designs


and chandeliers are also on display, to share insights of Egyptian products.


Activities of the pavilion :



Egyptian products - handicrafts - pottery - arabesque art - Palm leaf stalk


For more information, please contact  the Egyptian General Authority


for exhibitions and conferences Tel: 22607846-fax: 22607848


You can also contact with the U.A.E. Embassy in Egypt

Address: 4 Ibn Sina Street,Giza

Tel: / 3  / 4  /  5/  7/ 8 /  37766101 -fax: 35700844