Bia Investment forum: Land of Opportunities

Place: Radisson Blu Hotel, Teplice, Georgia
Start Date: 15/5/2018

End Date: 15/5/2018


 The forum focuses on current and future infrastructure projects - energy - tourism - capital market development - real estates - stocks - venture capital.




- The forum aims at shedding light on Georgia's economy and investment opportunities through governmental and business representatives to develop partnerships between Georgia and foreign countries.




The forum includes:


1 . Participating as speakers during the session.


2 .  The forum will do a workshop where providing a showroom to present content.


3. The Forum will provide the participant's investment project and conduct bilateral meetings with the projects’ owners.


4. The exhibition includes companies seeking distributors and representatives in Georgia and the Caucasus region.




For more information you can contact the Embassy of Georgia in Cairo:


Address: 11 Tanta Street - Mohandeseen - Cairo - Egypt.


Phone: 202-33456035         -202 33044798\68



Fax: 202-33044778 




Or you can contact:


Ms. Miranda Khubinya the head of Conferences and Bilateral Meetings department.




 Website: /