" HEFI - Home Electronics Fair Istanbul

Place: İstanbul, Turkey
Start Date: 20/6/2018

End Date: 23/6/2018

" HEFI - Home Electronics Fair Istanbul " will take place between June 20-


23, 2018 with national and international participation inİstanbul, Turkey. Further


information can be taken about the exhibition from website and e-mail


addresses given below :

Address: Aziziye Mahallesi Cinnah Caddesi 102/4 Çankaya ANKARA - TÜRKİYE



Tel: +90 312 442 90 02



Fax: +90 312 442 90 96



e-mail: info@atisfuar.com



e-mail: info@hefist.com



web: www.hefist.com  



Ayça BOZKURT   ayca@atisfuar.com 


Irina IANCIOGLO   irina@atisfuar.com



0090 312 442 90 02    info@atisfuar.com





0090 212 454 00 00    immib@immib.org.tr




Contact Info (The Ministry)

Hacı Hasan Kaygısız 0090 312 204 87 37   kaygisizh@ekonomi.gov.tr  




In conjunction with the exhibition, an international buyer mission program will


also be organized. This program includes a bilateral meeting session with the


Turkish companies and visits to fair / factory sites. In this regard, the hotel


expenses (including breakfast) and transfers to/from airport & to/from fair


grounds/facilities of businessmen from all participating countries will be covered


by the Turkish Government. Flight tickets should be bought at least one week


before the exhibition and this is the responsibility of the participants. 





19 June: Arrival to İstanbul



20 June: B2Bs and Briefing,



21 June: Visit to Fair,



22 June: Departure



 some provisions which is important for the Buyer Mission program success:


1. The Turkish Government (i.e. The Ministry of Economy) will cover your

accommodation expenses (single room, bed and breakfast, three nights). If a

double room is requested, you should pay for the difference yourself.


2. You are kindly advised to follow the program and to attend the bilateral



3. You are kindly requested to avoid the last minute cancellation, which is



4. You should be authorized to take purchasing decisions on behalf of your



5. Each company can attend the buyer mission program only once. You are

kindly recommended to consider this condition for your future buyer mission

program applications.


6. The sector of the company must match with the Buyer Mission exactly.

It would be very much appreciated if you kindly circulate the information


concerning the exhibition events among your respective members. For those


who are intending to be a member of the buyer mission, please underline that


the attached application form should be completed in computer (word or pdf


form) and sent to dtalexandria@gmail.comisk


enderiye@ekonomi.gov.tr or kahire@ekonomi.gov.tr until June 04, 2018.

Please note that,



Our eligibility criteria: A company is regarded as eligible for a buyer mission


program if it is complying with the following criteria:


-       it should be operating in the same sector with the main sectors of the buyer


-       it should be intending to import products from Turkey,

-       it should not have a permanent office, a representative or an agent in


-       it should not have participated in another buyer mission program before,

-       the representative of the company should be authorized with taking

purchasing decisions,

-       the applications should be sent to our office before the deadline.