The 19th China International Transportation and Logistics Expo

Place: Hangzhou International Exhibition Center, Zhejiang, China
Start Date: 3/7/2019

End Date: 5/7/2019

Exhibition Activities:


1. Transport services (air, rail, marine and civil transport, land transport)

2. Logistics (rapid transport, Fresh Food Distribution, hazardous chemicals, Freight transport ”transporting commodities”)

3. Logistics equipment (warehousing, paving, packaging materials, containers)

4- Intelligent Logistics Services (Intelligent Guidance Systems, Logistic Systems, and Information, Logistics Security)

5. Automotive and logistics vehicles (trucks, tractors, trailers, refrigerators, automotive with thermal insulation)

6. Real estate logistics services (logistic warehouses, construction and logistic planning of storage areas)

7. Logistics support (logistics finance, logistics insurance, education, and training)





The cost of participating will be paid by the participants.





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- Telephone: 27367942

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For more information about the exhibition, you can contact with Mr.

(Bo Zhang) through:


- Email:

- Telephone:  86 10-58678999*273



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