16th Global SME Business Summit 2019

Place: Bufandaf Lalit at Connaught Trade Center, New Delhi, India
Start Date: 24/9/2019

End Date: 29/9/2019

- The cost of participation will be paid by participants

- There will be bilateral meetings during the summit



- For more information about the exhibition and to register, please visit the next web site:




 You can also contact Marut Sen Gupta, Deputy General Manager, Federation of Indian Industries, through:

Phone: +911124629994 / 45771000 / +911124601437 / 45771000


-Email: marutsengupta@cii.in / vivek.upadhyay@cii.in / vignesh.kumar@cii.in



- You can also contact Mr. Mohammed Al-Tayeb, Commercial Officer, Embassy of India in Cairo through:


Address: 5 Aziz Abaza St., Zamalek, Cairo

- Telephone: 00-202-27361014 / - Fax: 00-202-27352765

- E-Mail: com.cairo@mea.gov.in / m.tayb@indembcairo.com


- Website: www.indembcairo.com