30th International Chemical Technology Exhibition 2021

Place: Bombay Exhibition and Convention Center, Gurgaon - Mumbai - India
Start Date: 24/2/2021

End Date: 27/2/2021


Exhibition Activities:


Chemicals - Biochemistry - Surface paints and coatings - Pharmaceutical products




The cost of participating will be at the expense of the participants


The costs of staying for two nights at a Mumbai hotel during the exhibition period for the participating (importers) buyers who will be selected by the organizer will be at the expense of the organizer.


For more information about the exhibition and to register and subscribe, Please visit the Next website:






You can also communicate with:



 - Mr. Hemant Shetty, Executive Director of Kim Tech






- Mr. Nagar Sudhanshu, Brand Manager at Kim Tec






You can also contact Mr. Mohamed Al-Tayeb, Commercial Officer at the Indian Embassy in Cairo, through:



- Address: 5 Aziz Abaza Street - Zamalek - Cairo


- Phone: 00-202-27361014 / Fax: 00-202-27352765


- E-mail: m.tayb@indembcairo.com /                com.cairo@mea.gov.in / attcom.cairo@mea.gov.in