Haryana Africa Conclave Series 1

Place: Online
Start Date: 28/10/2021

End Date: 29/10/2021



Conclave Activities:


- Farming

- Education

- enterprises (small - medium - micro)

- Trading

- Electronics



For more information about the Conclave and for registration, please contact Mrs. Anant Prakash, Director General and Secretary, Department of External Cooperation, Government of Haryana, India, through:


- E-mail: anantppandey.99@gov.in




You can also contact Mr. Mohamed El-Tayeb, an official in the Commercial Attaché Office at the Embassy of India in Cairo, through:



- E-mail: m.tayb@indembcairo.com


-Website: www.indembcairo.com


- phone: 202-27361014


- Fax: 202-27352765