Ministries and Governmental Authorities


NameH.E. Dr. Mostafa El MadbouliMinistryEgypt's Cabinet
AddressMagles El Shaab St., Kasr El Aini St.CairoTelephone7958014-27935000 - 7958035 - 7958036 Fax 7958048 - 7958016
NameH.E. MG.Mohamed Salah El-DinMinistryMinister of State for Military Production
Address23, July St.Kobri El Kobba, CairoTelephoneTel: 00202 - 22602566 Fax: 00202 - 2906004
NameH.E. General Mahmoud TawfikMinistryMinistry of Interior
Address25 El Sheikh Rihan street- CairoTelephoneTel: 27955005 Fax: 27960682
NameH.E. Engineer Ahmed Saleh SamirMinistry​Minister of Industry, Trade
Address2 Latin America street - garden city - CairoTelephoneTel: 27921193 - 27921194 Fax: 27940554
NameH.E. Hisham AmnaMinistry Minister of State for Local Development
Address4 shooting club street - ElDokkiTelephoneTel: 27921193 - 27921194 Fax: 37497788
NameH.E. Tarek El-MollaMinistryMinistry of Petroleum and Metallurgical Wealth
Address1 Ahmed El Zomor str. Nasr City, next to Enppi- CairoTelephoneTel: 26706401 - 26706402 Fax: 26706419
NameH.E. Dr. Reda HegazyMinistryMinister for Education and Technical Education
Address12 Falaki StreetTelephoneTel: 25787643 - 25787644 Fax: 27962952
NameH.E Dr. Asim Al-JazzarMinistryMinistry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities
Address1 Ismail Abaza str. El KAsr El Einy str. 3rd FloorTelephoneTel: 27921440 - 27921441 Fax: 27957836
NameH.E.Dr. Ali Ali MoselhiMinistryMinister of Supply and Internal Trade
Address99 elkasr eleeny street - CairoTelephoneTel: 3375404 Fax: 3375390 - 3365074
NameH.E.Dr. Mohamed MaaitMinistryMinistry of Finance
AddressMinistry of Finance Towers, NasrcityTelephoneFax: 26861561
NameH.E Air Marshal Mohamed Abbas Helmy MinistryMinistry of Civil Aviation
AddressAirport Road- CairoTelephoneTel: 22677610 - 22677612 Fax: 22679470
NameH.E.Mrs. Yassmin Salah Al-dinMinistryMinister of Environment
Address:30 Misr- Helwan agricultural road ـ Maadi ـ CairoTelephoneTel: 25256442 - 25256462 Fax: 25256452
NameH.E.Counselor/ Omar Marwan MinistryMinistry of Justice
AddressLazoghly sq. - CairoTelephoneTel: 27922263 Fax: 27958103
NameH.E.Ambassador Sameh Hassan Shoukry SelimMinistryMinistry of Foreign Affairs
AddressKornish el Nile, Maspiro- CairoTelephoneTel: 25749820 - 25749821 Fax: 25748822
NameH.E.Dr. Hani Atef SwailemMinistryMinistry of Water Resources and Irrigation
AddressGamal Abdel Naser St., Imbaba, GizaTelephoneTel: 35449447 - 35449448 Fax: 35449449
NameH.E.Dr. Amr Ahmed TallatMinistryMinistry of Communication and Information Technology
AddressKM 28 Cairo - Alexandria Road - smart villageTelephoneTel: 35341010 - 35341020 Fax: 35371111
NameH.E. Dr.Hala Al-SaeedMinistryMinister of Planning and Economic Development
Address8 Adly street - CairoTelephoneTel: 23910008 Fax: 23908159
NameH.E. Dr. Mohamed Mokhtar GomaaMinistryMinistry of Religious Endowment (Awkaf)
AddressSabry Abu Alam Str., Bab El Louq, CairoTelephoneTel: 23933011 - 23929403 Fax: 23929828 - 23926155
NameH.E. Dr. Ashraf SobhyMinistry16. Minister of State for Youth and Sports
Address:Road 26 July - Sphinx Sq. - Al Mohandessin - GizaTelephone
NameH.E. Dr. Khaled Abdel GhaffarMinistry12. Minister of Health and Population
Address3 Magless El Shaab st.TelephoneTel: 27943462 - 27942865 Fax: 27953966
NameH.E. Dr. Hassan ShehataMinistryMinistry of Manpower
Address:3 Yousseff Abbas str., Nasr City, CairoTelephoneTel: 22609359 - 22602199 Fax: 23035332
NameH.E Dr. Mohamed Hamed ShakerMinistryMinistry of Electricity and Renewable Energy
Address8 Ramses Str. Ext. , El Abbaseeya Sq.- CairoTelephoneTel: 24012361 - 24012362 Fax: 22616302
NameH.E. Dr. Nevin Al-Kabbaj MinistryMinistry of Social Solidarity
Address 19 Maraghi St. , Agouza, GizaTelephone33382571 - 202-33368372+
NameH.E. Dr. Nevin Al KilaniMinistryMinistry of Culture
Address2 Shagaret el Dorr street, Zamalek- CairoTelephoneTel: 27380761 - 27380762 Fax: 27353947
NameH.E. Dr. Ayman AshourMinistryMinistry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Address101 Al Kasr El Einy st.TelephoneTel: 27953437 Fax: 27941005
NameH.E. Counselor/ Alaa Fouad MinistryMinistry of Parliamentary Affairs
Address2 Magless El Shaab stTelephoneTel: 27926355-27926599 Fax: 27942721
NameH.E. Dr. / Rania Al-Mashat MinistryMinister of International Cooperation
Address8 Adly Street, CairoTelephoneTel: 23908819-23935147-23910008
NameH.E. Mr. Ahmed Issa TahaMinistryMinister of Tourism and Antiquities
Address3 El Adel Abou Bakr St. Zamalek, CairoTelephoneTel: 27358761 - 273560645 - 27371724 Fax: 27357239
NameH.E. Dr. Mohamed Al-Qusayr MinistryMinistry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation
Address1 Nady el Seid str. Dokki, CairoTelephoneTel: 33373003 - 33372970 Fax: 33372435
NameH.E. Lieutenant-General, Eng. Kamel AL-WazirMinistryMinister of Transportation
Address151 Nasr road, Nasr City, CairoTelephone0224008260
NameH.E. Soha Samir NashedMinistry Minister of Immigration and Expatriates Affairs
NameH.E. Dr. Engineer Mahmoud Kamal EsmatMinistryMinistry of Public Enterprise Sector
Address2 Latin America street - garden city - CairoTelephone27959287 - 27959288: 27959233
NameH.E. General \ Mohamed ZakiMinistryMinistery of Defense
Address23 July Street - Al Qobbah BridgeTelephone0224032158 Fax: 022291622