"Air conditioning and Refrigeration" Division declares to consumers its commitment to safety standards

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Monday - 6 April 2020 - 11:11 AM



The Cairo Chamber of Commerce's Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Division is investigating a series of grievances that it received from traders in this sector during the current week, relating to the commercial process based on the current conditions in which sales declined due to the Corona virus crisis.


Ahmed El-Wesimy, Vice Chairman of Cairo Chamber of Commerce and Head of the Division, said that this is a common situation in relation to the current exceptional circumstances, which require us all to support the government and the private sector in order to resolve this crisis, Some plans to trigger the sales process were put in response to the feedback the division got from its affiliates.


He added that the Division will launch a campaign in the coming days to educate companies in this field about how to use health and occupational safety methods to protect their employees and customers.


El-Wesimy stated that the division welcomes any irregular technical labor that has been affected by the current "Corona" crisis by opening the doors to employment opportunities in this sector.