Italian delegation visits Cairo Chamber to develop leather sector

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Sunday - 10 October 2021 - 1:22 PM


Cairo Chamber of Commerce's leather division welcomed an Italian delegation led by "Gianni Scoboni - Ralph Arbed - Franco Cavara - Andrea Scioli - Paolo Girelli - Ashraf Armia" to examine ways of cooperating in the future to promote the leather business by leveraging shared expertise.



Mohammed Mehran, a member of the Cairo Chamber's Board of Directors and the division's head, greeted the delegation, conveying the greetings of Engineer Ibrahim El Araby, Chairman of both  General Federation of Egyptian Chamber of Commerce ( FEDCOC)  and Cairo Chamber of Commerce ( CCC), stating that the meeting's goal is to increase joint cooperation in order to develop the sector, and anticipating that this will be accomplished, especially in the presence of experts in the field of tanning residue recycling and conversion into organic fertilizers.



Working through quality certificates of international standards through which different markets will be entered, according to Mahran, leads to the development of this sector and the opening of new export markets, which is the nominal goal of this meeting, as well as working through quality certificates of international standards through which different markets will be entered. Particularly after this meeting, which strives to improve the leather industry in conformity with international standards for all products.



Members of the Italian mission stated that the purpose of this meeting is to promote sustainability in the leather industry by opening new export markets for products that meet international specifications, focusing on future quality certificates at all stages of production, and preserving the environment, noting that there is an expansionist view of national and global markets, as well as adherence to global standards, especially in light of the “Corona” pandemic. We have been able to reach international markets in this field thanks to the use of contemporary machines, reliance on the newest technology in production, and current marketing strategies.