Turnout is weak for two weeks after starting discount time

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Sunday - 4 February 2018 - 10:13 AM


The second phase of the winter sale starts today, where the number of participating shops increased to about 3 thousand shops in the public, private, investment and cooperative sectors. The Sale continues for a month to implement the decision issued by Dr. Ali al-Meselhy, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade. Despite the increase in the percentage of discounts offered between 10% and 50%, but the demand for procurement is still weak compared to the past years. The regulatory agencies have conducted intensive control campaigns on the markets during the past two weeks.  In addition to about 14 thousand campaigns were organized resulted in about a thousand violations.


Ayman Hossamuddin, assistant minister of supply for internal trade, said that the directorates of supply and internal trade in the provinces continue to receive requests from traders and shop owners who wish to participate in the Sale.


Citizens accused traders of greed and the cuts were fake, while traders confirmed that the cuts had reached 70%.