Implementing the decision on putting prices on the goods and referring the violators to the prosecution

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Sunday - 4 February 2018 - 1:15 PM



The implementation of the decision of The Minister of Supply and Internal Trade will begin on Thursday The Minister of Supply and Internal Trade to control the markets and putting prices on food commodities in the markets after the deadline which began on January 1 and for a month.




The percentage of implementing the decision reached more than 85% of the number of outlets and shops in the provinces and the rest of the shops and companies gradually applied after the committees that were formed to follow-up and raise the awareness of traders and producers on implementing mechanisms and give the time limit for outlets to dispose of stockpiled goods accumulated from the past months, Major commercial chains and outlets by announcing sales prices for citizens and implementing market decisions.




Meselhy stressed the necessity of commitment of all companies and shops at the level of the Republic to declare the price of goods clearly on the product or shelf in an irreplaceable so as not to be punished by the law



Assistant Minister of Supply for Internal Trade, Ayman Hossamuddin, said that he started preparing databases on the market in all commercial sectors. He also conducted a comprehensive inventory of goods, keeping abreast of changes in prices.