The Hairdressers Division signs the protocol of "Hairdressing Courses" with the Ministry of Solidarity

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Sunday - 11 February 2018 - 1:11 PM


The Hairdressers division at Cairo Chamber signed protocol of "Hairdressing Courses and the beauty profession for young men and women in cooperation with Ministry of Social Solidarity, in the presence of Dr. Niven Kabbaj, Minister of Solidarity First Assistant, Mahmoud Al-Degwy, Head of the Division, Khaled Moustafa Chief Executive of Cairo Chamber, Atef Saad, Manager of Cairo Chamber’s Retail Academy, in addition to Dina Tariq, Director of the Training Department at Retail Academy and some members of the Division.




The theoretical courses will continue for one month at the headquarters of the Retail Academy in Cairo Chamber of Commerce, followed by practical training at the Ministry of Solidarity headquarters starting from early March.




For her part, Dr. Niven Kabbaj, said the protocol of cooperation with the Division is the first protocol of its kind with the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, and we welcome more protocols with other commercial Divisions and we will provide opportunities of training.



"We are trying to change the image of the ministry as a ministry of poor people, but we also represent those who want to work, so we move from protection to production and work, and training is linked to working," she said. "We offer every effort to support both materially and morally.



Al-Degwy stressed that the aim of the protocol is not only training but the graduation of a trainee student, providing job opportunities with the private sector and providing loans through the ministry, as well as reducing the existing informal training courses. He explained that the trainees will receive certificates authorized from the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, the Ministry of solidarity and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.