The Cabinet approves Integrating Balances of the Ministry of Trade and Industry

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Wednesday - 4 April 2018 - 2:28 PM


The Minister of Trade and Industry Tarek Kabil said that the cabinet approved a draft resolution to include the budgets of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Foreign Trade Secretariat and the foreign trade and trade agreements Sector to become a unified budget.


According to the minister, this integrating is the first of its kind since the Ministry of Trade and Industry became one ministry in 2004.


The minister said in a statement that the ministry had started since March last year in the implementation of a comprehensive program to restructure the ministry in both trade and industry and integrate them into a unified organizational structure in order to increase the efficiency of performance and enhancing the capacity of the General Office of the Ministry and its affiliates to implement the ministry's strategy and promote Industrial, trade and foreign development.


Kabil added that the ministry has carried out a complete horizontal and vertical review of the organizational structures of the Public Authority and the entities related to the development of these structures. The functions of some of the institutional units in the General Directorate and the subsidiaries have been established, merged and canceled.


The establishment of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency and the Export Development Authority are included. The number of entities from 36 to 25 will be reduced, in addition to reducing the number of sectors from 13 to 7 sectors and central departments from 29 to 20, And general departments from 88 to 67 management.


As part of the implementation of the restructuring program, new units have been integrated and developed, including the Central Administration for Inspection and Control of all financial and administrative affairs and the institutional quality standards in the General Directorate and the Ministry's departments. The Central Administration for Strategic Planning has also been established to formulate policies, prepare operational strategies and plans, Development projects, grants and related files.


The Minister pointed out that these measures were coordinated and fully supported by the institutional development program of the Ministry of Planning, the Central Organization for Administration, the Ministry of Finance and the Council of Ministers.