Mobile Division: Training programs helped to increase sales

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Thursday - 7 June 2018 - 9:32 AM


Cairo Chamber of Commerce announced that the training programs that organized for its members at the Retail Academy on the art of selling and customer service will activate sales in the coming period, and develop this sector.


The head of the division, Mohamed Talaat, said that the training programs organized by the division will be a major factor in the development of mobile work, as it will develop the capabilities of the employees in this sector, including the specifications of the successful seller and stages of the professional sales process, Electronic marketing and the most important social communication channels in Egypt and the most influential in the sales process and the art of selecting the right customer through analyzing the market and the art of writing content according to each marketing segment and the art of dealing with customers on social networking sites.


Talaat pointed out that these programs will be organized again in the coming period to benefit the largest number of owners of the mobile sector especially that the Division aims primarily to develop this sector through the latest developments in mobile commerce.