Haret al-Yahud “in Mosky .. Market of Ramadan decorations

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Thursday - 7 June 2018 - 12:35 AM



Haret al-Yahud (The Jewish alley) is located in Mosky. It is an integrated area resembling the "ghetto" where Jews gathered in most of the world. Main streets intersecting many narrow and very similar lanes of up to 200 lane, corridor, alley and path, the area is characterized by very high population density, numerous shops and workshops in gold processing , iron and copper plating, carpentry and furniture, textile shops Toys, Cosmetics, accessories and antiques.


Now, the situation in Haret el yahood has changed completely. It is similar to the Mosky area in general. The various workshops are everywhere, alongside the clothing shops, the brass shops, the cosmetics trade, the furniture and the gold. Every street in the Jewish alley specializes in a specific trade, In addition to the iron Safes industry.


"Haret al-Yahud" is the most popular place for selling party supplies in Egypt. It does not stop working during the month of Ramadan, but it keeps up with the latest and most beautiful forms of Ramadan decorations, which decorate the streets of Egypt as a whole. Traders and customers buy from there at wholesale prices.


Lanterns in different shapes and types in addition to adornments whose prices and shapes vary according to the ability and desire of the "customer”. All these advantages make the Jewish alley a destination for all because no matter how different your circumstances you will certainly find your desire in this market.