El Araby to Al Akhbar :President Sisi supports the private sectors especially serious investors

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Monday - 17 September 2018 - 1:11 PM


Ibrahim ElAraby said to AlAkhbar that volunteerism is an essential principle learned from my father who was keen on continuing traders and manufacturers’ service, this was the reason for the continued work at Cairo Chamber of Commerce. Over the past months Cairo Chamber has provided many services for Traders and industry.



Cairo Chamber provides a model of co-operation between Government and the private sector for the public and the national economy interest associating with serving Traders and members of Cairo Chamber of Commerce as the largest Chamber with more than 1 million members in all areas of activity as it represents a significant percentage of the economy and the Investment that is equal to about 35% of total investments and activities.



He also added that Cairo Chamber of Commerce is keen on continuous communication with citizens to provide the needs of citizens and working on easing them especially during seasons and occasions where the turnout is on some goods including back to school season, when the Chamber of Commerce is always proud to organize exhibitions to make the needs of citizens available. Cairo Chamber are currently organizing main exhibition that will be opening during coming hours at Egypt Expo & Convention Authority (EECA) and lasts for a week.  



ElAraby referred that President Sisi within hours will inaugurate ElAraby School of applied technology in Qwisna -governorate of Monofyia-as the first school for applied technology according to international quality standards, aiming at enabling students to compete locally and internationally and Distinguished students will be assigned to the El ArabyGroup immediately after graduation



In that context he stressed the importance of benefiting from the experience of the Japanese partner in building professional character and skill development for students and teachers at the school, which will include multiple disciplines available to students including (mechanics, electricity, cooling and air conditioning).