Furniture Export Council complains about Turkish dumping to Minister of Trade

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Tuesday - 18 September 2018 - 1:7 PM




Eng. Saeed Ahmed, Chairman of the Egyptian Furniture Export Council, revealed that the Council prepared a memorandum for Eng. Amr Nassar, the Minister of Trade and Industry, to deal with the Turkish illegal practices in the trade, exploiting devaluation of the lira against the dollar,which led to the dumping of the local market with products that are offered at prices far below the cost of production, including Turkish carpets and household furnishings, and other products, which threatens the Egyptian industries.




He said at the meeting of the Council that their products almost swept the world markets because of Ankara strong support to Turkish producers, which contravenes the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO), which is struggling with subsidies and dumping.




Ahmed added that the council is going to submit another memorandum to the ministers of trade and finance to demand the rapid disbursement of exporters’ arrears from the Export Development Fund, despite allocating the current budget of 4 billion pounds for this purpose to support Egyptian exports in light of global fluctuations and currency wars that erupted these days.




The Council also called on the Egyptian government to take all necessary measures to support the Egyptian industry, especially the textile industries, which exposed to fierce attack.