Government dues to be paid electronically from next January

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Thursday - 20 September 2018 - 1:57 PM




The Ministry of Finance intends to oblige dealers with various government agencies to pay their dues electronically starting January 1, 2019. This step contributes to transforming into a "non-cash-based society" and reduce the cost of cash circulating in society,




Although the mechanisms of implementing this mandatory step are not clear, and how to deal with those who do not have bank accounts, or who live in villages and remote areas, however, the ministry said in a statement that any cash or check payments to the government will not be accepted only through means of e-payment.




 According to the ministry, this action comes under the ministerial decision issued by the Minister of Finance to pay all government financial dues (tax and customs dues) that more than LE 100 thousand, by the means of e-payment, excluding checks submitted to various government agencies before the deadline.




The ministerial decision stressed that there will be a penalty of 10 percent of the payment value with a maximum limit of EGP 10,000 to cover the costs of fees incurred by the government in cases where customers do not electronically submit their payments to the government agencies.