Egypt’s exports to Russia hit $402.4M in H1 2018

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Monday - 24 September 2018 - 1:4 PM




Egypt’s exports to Russia rose 11.5 percent during the first half of 2018, recording $402.4 million, compared to $360.6 million in the same half of 2017. 


The Ministry of Trade announced in a statement that the most significant items of the Egyptian exports, varied between the industrial and agricultural sectors.



The exports of the industrial sector showed a 224 percent increase in household appliances, reaching $14.66 million compared to $4.53 million during the same period in 2017. 


According to the statement, exports of detergent and soap products hiked 147 percent to reach $3.7 million compared to $1.5 million during the same period of the previous year. 


In addition, exports of crochet apparel increased 41.8 percent to $5.73 million compared to $4 million during the same period of the previous year. 


Chairman of the Commercial Representation Authority Ahmed Antar referred to the Egyptian exports of the agricultural sector which included Oranges that increased 26.7 percent to $129.2 million in the first half of this year. 


Exports of potato rose 6.6 percent to $124.2 million and tomato exports hiked by 86.4 percent to $ 3.24 million, fresh strawberries exports increased by 22.82 percent to $4.2 million, and grape exports inched up by 13.47 percent to $ 15.2 million, according to Antar. 


He pointed out that the structure of Egyptian exports to the Russian market has become diversified. Exports of engineering goods, food industries and furniture have also increased. 


Antar added that Egyptian exports to the Russian market contain commodities only and do not include any petroleum products. 


Trade Representation Office of the Russian Federation in Egypt said earlier that trade exchange between Egypt and Russia hit $2.775 billion during the first five months of 2018, with an increase of 31.5 percent in comparison with the same period in 2017. 


In January-May2018, Egypt's exports to Russia increased 26.5 percent, recording $356 million, while imports reached $2.4 billion, with 32.3 percent increase.



reported by egypttoday