A delegation of 44 US companies in Egypt

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Monday - 29 October 2018 - 11:5 AM




A delegation of 44 American companies visited Egypt last week, during which they met with the ministers of the Economic Group, Minister of Health, as well as a number of senior officials and parliament members.



The delegation included companies operating in the fields of energy and electricity, whether the companies, that already invested in Egypt or are looking for investment opportunities.



Tariq Tawfiq, the chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce, said during a press conference that the mission is interested in Egypt’s developments especially in the economic.



He pointed out that the economic reform process has given new credibility compared to commercial wars happened in the other emerging markets.



Tawfiq said that the reform program is absorbed, despite its cruelty by the Egyptian population, which has helped to improve the world vision for the future of the Egyptian economy.