2019 African Economic Conference is launched in Sharm el-Sheikh

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Tuesday - 3 December 2019 - 11:40 AM




The 14th edition of the 2019 African Economic Conference is taking place today in Sharm El Sheikh. The conference is under the title "Jobs, Entrepreneurship and Capacity Development for African Youth ".



Head of the African Development Bank (ADB) delegation and head of the Economic Unit, Charles Lovomba said that the conference is an important platform to communicate the youth and innovators with the decision makers and owners of international companies from the private sector, adding that the conference is discussing the most important challenges that facing the continent.



He pointed out that Egypt was chosen as the host country for this global event after it was able to provide a successful and strong African model to face all difficulties and implement the economic program.



Achim Steiner, UNDP's Director, stressed that the conference aims at exchanging views, experiences and successful experiences among the countries of the continent on entrepreneurship and job creation for youth and women.



Vera Seungri, Executive Secretary of the Economic Unit for Africa at the United Nations, said that the conference is one of the largest and most important international platforms for which international financial and economic institutions pay great attention.