Cairo Chamber delegation visits Jordan and Turkey

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Monday - 28 January 2013 - 5:51 PM




Cairo Chamber delegation visits Jordan and Turkey to sign a joint trade cooperation protocol


Written by Feisal Abdul Ati


Eng \ Ibrahim Al Araby- Cairo Chamber of Commerce chairman revealed that the chamber was


preparing a delegation of businessmen to visit Jordan and Turkey to boost economic ties and sign       


joint commercial cooperation protocols, pointing out that the journey begins from 1 to 7 December 2012.


Al Araby said that the visit was planned to witness the signing of protocols with Amman chambers of


commerce in Jordan plus "Gaziantep and Mersin" chambers of commerce in Turkey in order to increase


bilateral trade and investment between Egypt and these countries, especially during this stage that need


further efforts to attract greater investment to Egyptian market.



 Al Araby,  , added that Cairo Chamber's  delegation is personally headed by him and composed


of Ali Shukry – Cairo Chamber's Vice President and  Basha Idris - Cairo Chamber's  vice Treasurer


and Cairo Chamber's Board  members  Maj. Gen. Salah al- Abd  , Sayed Al Nawawy


and  Ashraf El Shiemy.