Al-Araby: 2020 Is The year Of profitable startup, And Reaping The Fruits Of Economic Reform.

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Tuesday - 11 February 2020 - 2:34 PM




Engineer Ibrahim Al Araby, Chairman of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Chairman of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, announced that Egypt's developments in recent years have led to significant growth in the Egyptian economy by encouraging and supporting Egyptian industry in various sectors.



He also expected that this year will be the the launch year at all levels due to the great efforts made by President Al-Sisi and the government, as Egypt has become one of Africa's most attractive investment nations.



He stressed that the current year will witness the beginning of the harvest of the economic reform results, as the exchange rate has declined during the Previous months, and this will have exactly a direct impact on the prices of most commodities, as well as major national projects that have contributed to reducing unemployment rates, and improving the road and bridges network that contributed to reducing the costs of transporting goods.



He announced that all organizations in Egypt, especially the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, are preparing to receive the holy month of Ramadan by controlling the market and supporting the citizens through organizing the "Ahlan Ramadan" exhibitions and making discounts on goods.