Egyptian-Italian cooperation to stimulate trade between the two countries

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Monday - 17 February 2020 - 12:2 AM


Within the context of the constant effort of the Cairo Chamber to promote and improve the trade exchange movement between Egypt and foreign countries and in the light of the visit of the President of the Italian-Egyptian Chamber to the Cairo Chamber to discuss the possibility of the the trade between Egypt and Italy.
As a result, a joint symposium will be arranged between the Cairo Chamber of Commerce and the Italian Chamber of Commerce to present the program SACE – SIMEST to major industrial companies specializing in the fields of furniture production, jewelry industry, textile industry, foodstuff industry, machinery and hand tools, construction materials industry, pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics,engineering industries, information and communication technology .
The seminar will be held at twelve o'clock in the afternoon at the Grand Nile Tower Hotel-Garden City on Tuesday, March 3 of next month