ٌRepercussions of Corona Virus affected the local marketٌ

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Tuesday - 3 March 2020 - 2:29 PM




A number of international companies have emphasized the non-impact of the Corona outbreak on the mobile phone industry in Egypt, and any price increases may come from retailers, so analysts have called for tightening market control until the crisis is over.



Marwa Salah, director of public relations for Huawei, said that the company provided recent phones a few days ago on the market, as the company's activity was not affected by what is happening in China.



Marwa Mounir, director of public relations at Oppo Company, said that the company has factories in many countries, so the company's business was not affected by closing its factory in China, stressing that the company did not raise its prices.



Karim Ghonaim, Cairo Chamer's  board member  and head of the Digital Economy and Technology Division, said that adverse repercussions of Corona Virus affected the local market, and merchants are trying to market the products in warehouses which previously had no demand.



He clarified that the impact would differ, depending on the inventory of each commodity, according to each industry.



He added that prices in the local market should not increase, emphasizes his opposition to raise prices and stressing the importance of market monitoring.