FEDCOC works on market control and modernizing the internal trade system

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Wednesday - 4 March 2020 - 10:52 AM




Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce (FEDCOC) plays an important role in developing and modernizing the internal trade system, as it is the primary growth driver.



During the last decade, the Federation has witnessed an intensive movement of action in collaboration with ministries, economic bodies and stakeholders, by regularly participating in meetings, in particular with the Ministries of Industry and Trade and Supply, to work on market control and the provision of goods and products, and to maintain stability and price balance.



And also arrange to prepare for organizing exhibitions of goods and products on many occasions in the governorates and urge the merchants to reduce prices in line with the presidential initiatives on helping and supporting low incomes, particularly with holy month of Ramadan approaching.



Mr. Ibrahim El-Araby, FEDCOC's Chairman, met with trader on the republic level to urge them for reducing the profit margin of the commodities and products. His efforts focus on developing the internal trade sector through a new system of markets and the creation of new commercial and industrial logistical areas, as well as activating the FEDCOC participation in the commodity exchange system as one of the important tools for controlling prices, to eliminate the random and informal economy, protect small traders and reduce trading rings for sailing goods.