Cairo Chamber is organizing a symposium on the value-added tax law

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Monday - 9 March 2020 - 2:0 PM


Within the framework of the Chamber’s permanent endeavor to provide all


matters of benefit  to Traders and at the request of the traders to be updated


with the Egyptian tax laws, Cairo Chamber, in cooperation with the Egyptian Tax


Authority, is organizing a symposium on the value-added tax law on issues of


controversy in the field of practical application. And that the symposium will be

held on Tuesday, March 10, in the conference room of the Cairo Chamber in the


Chamber's building at 4 El Falaky Square - Bab El Louk - Cairo at exactly one


o'clock in the afternoon.



The symposium addresses the following topics:


  • How to determine the tax bases for goods and commodities.


  • How to deduct the tax on electronic goods.


  • Restriction on the concept of service rendered.


  • The effect of exempted goods on determining the tax-exempt, its effect on the sale and lease of open space, agricultural land, agricultural buildings, residential and non-residential units, and the extent of this contradiction with the executive regulations of the law in Article 78 thereof.


  • The most important problems in applying the tax and the various methods of examination.


The symposium will be delivered by Mr. Ali Mohamed Mahmoud, lawyer at the court of cassation, and a specialized tax expert.

Mr. Mohamed Khalifa, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and former head of Tax Research, Egyptian Tax Authority.