Precautions against corona and operations room to ensure stable movement in trade

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Wednesday - 18 March 2020 - 1:25 PM


Within the framework of the precautionary measures required to deal with the emerging Crohna virusEngineer Ibrahim El-Araby , Chairman   of  FEDCOC  and  Cairo Chamber of commerce, issued instructions to take ways to prevent corona virus at the headquarters of all  nationwide chambers  to ensure the safety, security and stability of the commercial sector and to confirm that the chambers of commerce perform their various activities efficiently for  support the national economy.



the chambers of commerce take What is required of precautionary measures and to ensure business continuity and provide the needs of the members of the chambers of commerce, including merchants, manufacturers and performers of services in addition to  awareness-raising among the chambers' staff , Promoting  ways to use technology as an alternative to meetings in the current period and expanding the use of electronic means in commercial dealings.



He also provided new guidelines for maintaining market stability and safeguarding products availability. One of these orders is to start operating rooms in all chambers of commerce in the governorates to complete their function to the fullest extent in controlling the market and trying to preserve its stability.



El-Araby stressed that the Chambers of Commerce reports indicate the availability of adequate strategic stocks of various commodities that will meet consumers' needs over the coming period.



He  denied the suspension of Bord member  meetings of at chambers of commerce or various business divisions and pointed out that only  the major meetings which include the general assemblies were suspended according to the state's directions to combat the new Corona virus for  protecting all members of society.