FEDCOC invites the Cairo Chamber to cooperate on the Digital Future initiative

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Tuesday - 11 August 2020 - 2:15 PM


The Digital Economy and Technology Division of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce (FEDCOC) seeks the participation of local small , micro and medium-sized enterprises in the Digital Future initiative.
The initiative was set up and launched by the Digital Economy Division at the Cairo Chambers of Commerce, in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Enterprises Sectors.
The General Division of FEDCOC called on the Chamber of Information Technology Industry and the Digital Economy and Technology Division of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce to hold a joint meeting on the inclusion of small and micro-enterprises in the initiative.
Khalil Hassan Khalil, Head of the General Division for Digital Economy of FEDCOC, said that the meeting would bridge the gap between the Chamber and the Digital Economy Division of the Cairo Chamber.
This will help stimulate business in Egypt and increase the competitiveness of local companies , particularly as the target entities are small and medium-sized enterprises ( SMEs). The need to include them in all development initiatives has long been recognized, particularly as these companies are the backbone of the local economy.
Khalil added that the concerted efforts currently being made in this field would have a significant effect on the progress of the initiative, on the one hand, and the participating businesses, on the other. He added that the Digital Future initiative aims to grow local software development and digital applications and increase their performance.
As a result, this will be reflected in the growth of local export rates, which is one of the conditions for placing the Egyptian industry on the global information and communication technology map.
It will also help state movements towards digital transformation and financial inclusion in a way that contributes to keeping pace with new technological developments.
The Ministry of Public Enterprises Sectors stressed the importance of digital transformation for the growth of public sector businesses, with the digital transformation plan having four key pathways.
The first, completed last November, concentrated on the creation of digital policies and procedures. This was accompanied by a second pathway to the planning and management of corporate resource applications. This will see a $50 million increase in licenses and facilities.The third pathway focuses on a data and technological support center with an annual budget of $3 million.The fourth pathway focuses on supplying workers with expertise in program management.