"Supply's Ministry" to offer 4 new investment opportunities at the end of August.

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Sunday - 16 August 2020 - 1:35 PM




By the end of this month, the Ministry of Supply declared that it will provide 4 new investment opportunities to set up strategic warehouses in 7 governorates in order to ensure the availability of a strategic reserve to meet the needs of current and potential demand of basic food commodities and other commodities.



Dr Ali Al-Moselhy, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, at a meeting attended by Ibrahim Ashmawy, Chairman of the Internal Trade Development Authority, and a group of international , regional and local storage, logistics and stock management firms, announced that they had completed the technical requirements for strategic warehouses.



It should be mentioned that the total cost for the establishment of these warehouses is approximately 21 billion pounds for 7 warehouses.



He also noted that the choice of locations for these strategic warehouses is based on technical restrictions, the most important of which is to be close to the network of key hubs and sea and dry ports in order to ensure convenient access to packing warehouses,as well as placing them on a regional scale that guarantees the highest, quickest and most effective coverage of goods and services at the Republic level.



The meeting also witnessed a review of the developments of this giant project, where each strategic warehouse supplies nearly four main  provinces, and it is worth noting that these warehouses will create new jobs.