Egypt, Sudan Agree On Outlining Work Plan To Overcome Hindrances Facing Flow Of Trade

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Wednesday - 26 August 2020 - 1:5 PM




Minister of Trade and Industry Niveen Gamea' said that an agreement was reached with the Sudanese side to outline a work plan to overcome the hindrances facing the flow of trade between Egypt and Sudan via facilitating logistic transport and increasing joint investments especially in the fields of mutual interests in addition to boosting cooperation in the field of technical and vocational training to meet the needs of the Sudanese industry for qualified laborers.



During her visit to Sudan last week accompanying the prime minister, Gamea' invited her Sudanese counterpart to visit Egypt soon to boost industrial cooperation between Egypt and Sudan and beef up trade exchange between both countries.



The minister's remarks came during an expanded meeting that Gamea' held with a number of heads and representatives of exports councils on promoting Egyptians exports in the different world markets with a special focus on the African market.



Gamea' asserted the importance of forming an Egyptian-Sudanese business council to play a pivotal role in developing the economic and investment ties between both countries in the coming stage.



Meanwhile, Gamea' asserted that boosting the Egyptian exports in the foreign markets is a top priority to her ministry's plan of action, adding that the exports represent main source of foreign currency reserves.



She pointed out to the keenness of the ministry to communicate and coordinate with all the organizations concerned to put a comprehensive vision to increase the rates of exports in light of the negative impact caused by the coronavirus pandemic.



Reported by Egypttoday