Implementing The First Phase Of The Electronic Billing System Next November.

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Thursday - 27 August 2020 - 12:37 AM




The Egyptian Tax Authority revealed, in a statement, that the first phase of the electronic tax billing system is going to start in November, via a central electronic system in which the tax authority tracks all commercial transactions among companies, in a way that helps in restricting the tax community more accurately, integrating the informal economy with The formal economy, and achieving tax justice.



According to the statement, the trial operation of the "electronic tax billing" system took place on June 30 with the participation of a number of companies. This came during a seminar held by the Tax Authority and the Syndicate of Merchants via video conference under the title "New Developments and automation systems in the Egyptian Tax Authority."



Reda Abdel Qader, chairman of the tax authority, confirmed that the authority is keen to spread tax awareness, via seminars that are organized in coordination with various civil society organizations, as well as tax community institutions.



For his part, Mohsen Al-Jayyar, Director of the Department for Assisting Registrars at the Authority, asserted that  the Ministry of Finance and the Authority are moving strongly in modernizing and enabling the tax management system, which will facilitate and standardize procedures, stimulate the investment environment, maximize productive capacity, and create more jobs.



Tharwat Abdel Baki, General Manager of Applications and Quality, confirmed that the tax filing service was developed through the Egyptian Tax Authority's website