El-Araby meets CCC commercial divisions for discussing the development plan

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Monday - 11 October 2021 - 12:38 AM



Eng. Ibrahim El-Araby, Chairman of both the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce ( FEDCOC) and the Cairo Chamber of Commerce (CCC), invited the heads of Cairo Chamber of Commerce's qualitative divisions, including manufacturers, traders, and service providers, to an expanded meeting to discuss the Chamber's general development plan, which includes all activities affiliated with the Chamber through the vision of each sector in line with the state's general development plan 2030, In the presence of the work team of the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) responsible for implementing the development plan in the Chamber in accordance with the protocol of joint cooperation between the two sides.



Eng. Ibrahim El-Araby stated that in order to implement the state's development plan 2030, everyone should unite and study all visions and proposals in order to implement the development plan, which includes preparing the infrastructure to implement the digital transformation system and financial inclusion as one of its axes.



It's worth noting that the discussion between attendees and the work team in charge of AOI was open, and questions were answered according to the vision and nature of each sector so as to implement a development plan that equates to the levels of international chambers, with the goal of developing all services that meet the needs of CCC affiliates' projects, whether commercial, industrial, or service, and in line with global economic developments.



El-Araby called for a thorough examination of all proposals and inquiries received from the Chamber's various commercial divisions, with the goal of achieving a qualitative leap in performance at all levels, with regard to the human factor, which is considered wealth, while implementing the Chamber's work development strategy in accordance with modern global technological systems in all transactions. He also emphasized the need of development and keeping up with the state's development goal by digitizing all commercial and administrative transactions.