In Its New Term, Talaat As Chairman Of The Cell Phones Division and Walid Ramadan As Deputy.

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Wednesday - 27 October 2021 - 10:46 AM


The Cairo Chamber (CCC), led by Engineer Ibrahim El-Araby, Chairman of the General Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce (FEDCOC), witnessed the formation of the Mobile Traders Division Board of Directors for a new four-year term following the expiration of the previous term.



This came during a session of procedures held yesterday chaired by Mr. Ahmed Al-Wasimi, Vice Chairman of the Chamber, and al-Wasimi announced the formation of the Board of Directors of the Division and its office body by acclamation, where Mr. Mohamed Talat came as president and Mr. Walid Ramadan first deputy, Mr. Aahad Abdel Fattah second deputy and Mr. Hassan Afify as secretary general of the division.



Al-Wasimi said that the restructuring of the Division's board of directors came upon the  the directives of Engineer Ibrahim El-Araby, in which he stressed that each division must have a vision and plan for the development of its sector, and this will be done through the restructuring of the division and the development of a vision and a general plan that includes the axes of the development of the mobile sector.



Following the founding of the Division's Board of Directors, Mohammed Talat stated that this board has a responsibility to make proposals and attempt to develop this sector in accordance with local and worldwide changes.



The Division's Board of Directors included Mohammed al-Mahdi Ibrahim al-Mahdi, a member of the Board of Directors of the Cairo Chamber, Abu Shameh Mohammed Hussein Abdullah, Ahmed Osman Ahmed And Hadan, Ayman Edouard Fayez Badawi, Bishoy Riad Matar Suleiman, Jamil Rushdi Abdullah al-Malik, Hossam Mohammed Badawi Mohammed, Hamad Ahmed Ahmed Hassan, Samir Abul Fotouh Bayoumi, Karim Ramadan Mohammed Yusuf, Majid Barsoum Aziz Bashir, Mohammed Sadiq Mohammed al-Sadiq.