Head of Cairo Chamber’s "Business Youth" : Modern and Technological Services for Members

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Monday - 26 December 2022 - 12:50 AM


Walid Ramadan, member of the Board of Directors of the Cairo Chamber and Chairman of the Young Economic Businessmen Council, revealed that there are instructions from Eng. Ibrahim El-Araby, President of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce and President of the Cairo Chamber, to intensify efforts to provide modern and technological services to the Chamber's employees after providing the service of issuing the seal and electronic signature to issue the electronic invoice, while also educating traders about all new decisions and laws regulating trade. Therefore, there are a series of seminars and meetings that include developments in the economic arena and provide the service of issuing the seal and electronic signature, which started on the first of November 2022, with competitive prices for issuing the electronic invoice.



Ramadan said that the cooperation protocol recently signed between the Cairo Chamber and the National Bank of Egypt ( NBE) will facilitate the exchange of information and services through the presence of the bank at the Chamber's headquarters to provide all its services, as well as the presence of the Chamber in the bank's branches. Through the initiative "Develop Yourself," the Chamber will cooperate with the bank to support entrepreneurship and small, medium, and micro enterprises. This initiative was launched by the Young Economic Businessmen Council at the Cairo Chamber, and its aim is to develop the small trader and educate him about the signature and electronic seal, as well as benefit from the services of the Chamber's Retail Academy, which provides modern training courses in cooperation with NBE, in addition to the bank's financing and electronic services.



It provides various services, including the Commercial Register, Chamber of Commerce Services, General Organization for Export and Import Control, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Documentation Office, and the new window of NBE  inside the Chamber. We will also be present as a Chamber in the bank's branches far from the Chamber's headquarters in the centre of the country, and we can cover areas such as the Fifth Settlement, Helwan, and Salam City. This will be an exchange between the Chamber and NBE in the coming period.