Division of marble quarries honored the most exporting companies during 2022

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Tuesday - 17 January 2023 - 1:54 PM




During a ceremony held by the Cairo Chamber‘s Marble Quarries Division, headed by Mohamed Aref, the division honored a number of the most exporting marble companies' owners during the year 2022.



The division’s board of directors and the guests agreed to select the companies based on specific criteria, such as “the exported amount in tons and meters ; the best price for Egyptian exported raw materials ; the social service provided during the year".



The attendees discussed the current production costs and cost study development aimed at developing this important sector.



The head of the division honored the departed pioneers of the marble and granite industry in 2022 "Ahmed Issa , Mustafa Al-Prince , and Imam Othman", and thanked the factories owners in this sector for their important role in contributing to building their country and developing its national economy.