A delegation of Russian Businesspersons Visits The Cairo Chamber To Discuss Increasing Trade And Investment Exchange.

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Wednesday - 15 March 2023 - 1:27 PM


A delegation of Russian businesspeople of various industries visited the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, headed by Eng. Ibrahim El-Araby, Chairman of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, to discuss new strategies for boosting trade and investment between Egypt and Russia.




Mr. Engineer Sameh Zaky, Vice Chairman of the Cairo Chamber, on behalf of Eng. Ibrahim El-Araby, received the delegation, which includes businessmen from Mordovia province, the head of the Cooperation Development Authority for the Tula province of the Federal Republic of Russia, the deputy minister of economy, trade, and entrepreneurship in the Republic of Mordovia, the director of the Competitiveness Development Center in the Republic of Mordovia, and a number of Mordovia companies in various activities, including "halal meat, software development, gas cylinders for cars, wood panels, agriculture, and poultry production".



Engineer Sameh Zaky said that Egypt enjoys many advantages that the Russian side can benefit from, such as the distinguished location, the investment and commercial opportunities in it, and the agreements signed with various global economic entities, including the "free trade agreements," the "African continental free trade," the "European Union," "Mercosur," "the Arab Countries Agreement," and "an important entrance to the African market," as well as other important agreements that give advantages to everyone who cooperates with Egypt in general, and in particular on the economic level, in light of the fact that these groups serve more than 2 billion consumers, and the Egyptian market has great advantages. Especially since the volume of consumption is large, the trend towards industrialization in Egypt is very important and beneficial, and the state encourages the "settlement of industry" and gives it unprecedented advantages.


The Vice-President of the Cairo Chamber stressed that cooperation in the coming period between the Egyptian and Russian sides will depend on the tripartite cooperation that brings together Egypt, Russia, and other countries, and that this meeting will be a strong start in the Egyptian-Russian economic relations in light of the desire of both sides to increase cooperation and the desire of the Cairo Chamber to provide all information and present the investment and commercial opportunities available in the Egyptian market to the Russian side, and that the Cairo Chamber, which includes about 650 thousand merchants, manufacturers, investors, and service providers, is always looking for support for economic relations with all foreign countries.


The members of the Russian delegation, for their part, expressed their gratitude for the cordial welcome from Cairo Chamber representatives and stated that this visit is viewed as an exploratory visit to begin new cooperation between Egypt and Russia in many fields, identify common points in the near future through a vision that depends on current and future cooperation, and discuss sectors where it is possible to cooperate through them at the level of industry and trade, especially in the areas of energy. "Poultry production, manufacturing, information technology, gas cylinders for vehicles, mining," and other diverse pursuits where there can be significant cooperation between the two countries.


The members of the Russian delegation said that this visit will be followed by other visits and an exchange of visits to discuss ways of fostering cooperation on the ground and to learn more about trade and investment cooperation opportunities between the two countries.