Urgent... Discover More About The Cairo Chamber's Insurance Services For Traders' Property And Lives.

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Wednesday - 15 March 2023 - 2:2 PM



Via Fawry Insurance Brokerage Company and GIG Insurance Company "Egypt," the Cairo Chamber of Commerce offers insurance services for the property and lives of its members.



According to the type of contracted activity, the insurance coverage includes first... (content of insurance, shops, goods, structures, and stores) risk of fire, forced theft (burglary) - Natural disasters (earthquakes - storms - torrents - volcanoes) - danger of water tanks flooding and a rapid surge of water - danger of collision Vehicles covering the risks of riots, civil unrest, and labor strikes, with a total yearly policy value of 240 pounds. - The risk of aircraft colliding or things falling from them. - the risk of the automated sprinkler network's water pipes exploding or one of its heads exploding or leaking water (20 pounds per month).



The insurance policy covers up to 80,000 Egyptian pounds. If damage occurs during the month for which the premium was paid, the insured is entitled to the full amount of coverage. By increasing the subscription cost by twofold, the coverage can be doubled.



Second, personal accident coverage, which includes coverage for the business owner's employees against total disability. The coverage amount is 75,000 Egyptian pounds, which covers partial disability as determined by the ratios table, medical expenses of 5,000 Egyptian pounds, funeral costs of 1,000 Egyptian pounds, and Death due to an accident. The policy has a yearly total cost of 120 Egyptian pounds (10 Egyptian pounds per month).



The insured is entitled to the full amount of coverage in the event that damage occurs within the month for which the premium was paid, and the insurance coverage can be doubled by doubling the subscription value. The insurance coverage is for 75,000 pounds.



At the Cairo headquarters of the Chamber, two businesses called "Fawry and GIG" offer insurance services to business owners.