Services Provided By The Cairo Chamber Of Commerce's New Centre Of Excellence

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Wednesday - 15 March 2023 - 2:21 PM


1. All of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce's services and activities.


2. The business register and all of its functions


3. The services provided by the General Authority for Export and Import Control


4. The Food Safety Authority, which oversees and grants temporary licences for mobile vehicles


5. The Public Authority for Industrial Development, which certifies invoices for raw materials, machinery, and letters to natural gas firms as well as gives industrial licences whether they are issued inside or outside industrial zones.


6. Exporters' Registration, Import Card, and Related Services


7. Companies that accept electronic payments and the issue of electronic signatures and stamps for tax-related electronic invoices. Three businesses, including two in the new centre and one in the Chamber of Excellence Center in the Opera Garage in the Ataba region, have been hired.


8. Banks, with their financial and electronic services


9. The Tax Guidance Office is in charge of taxes, and preparations are being made to issue the tax card later.


10. Businesses that offer insurance services for a merchant's property and life in accordance with the previously signed protocol of cooperation with these businesses. To save time and effort, these services are obtained by the merchant or beneficiary within hours of their arrival at the Center of Excellence.


The Cairo Chamber of Commerce established this centre in response to its desire to serve all of the needs of its members, including retailers, manufacturers, investors, and service providers.