Gain Knowledge about the Cutting-Edge Training Courses Offered By the Cairo Chamber's Retail Academy

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Thursday - 16 March 2023 - 2:20 PM



Via the Retail Academy, the Cairo Chamber of Commerce offered a variety of training programs for businesses, merchants, and their employees as well as for young individuals looking to advance their education and prepare for the demands of the job market.



Computer, business management, customer service, entrepreneurship, e-commerce, TOT, e accounting, and management of logistics, supply chains, and distribution are among the various courses offered.



Business English, the fundamentals of investing in securities, Adobe Photoshop, expert photography, and e-marketing, as well as a guide for small and medium-sized businesses working with banks (in cooperation with the Egyptian Banking Institute) - Import-export procedures and other educational initiatives.



The academy provides state-of-the-art amenities that are in line with contemporary needs. It has a well-equipped infrastructure, including laboratories and lecture halls.



The Chamber's Retail Academy aims to improve services at chains of retail outlets and small and medium-sized businesses by giving them access to the most recent market demands. Enhancing the abilities and skills of small- and medium-sized business owners, as well as their workers, by improving their capacities and strategies for interacting with the public.




Training workers by creating workable and efficient business methods and processes, promoting dialogue between the retail sector and governmental and non-governmental organizations through seminars and training sessions that inform the merchant about the services offered by those organizations. In addition to that assisting retailers in using the techniques for display and sale to stay up with the quick development of stores and major commercial chains.

Please call the numbers listed below to get in touch with the Retail Academy:

Tel : 27962091 - 27928994

Whatsapp: 01022988487 – 01022988492

Address: 4 Al-Falaki Square - Bab Al-Louk - Cairo Chamber of Commerce Building (seventh floor)

From Sunday to Thursday from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm