(Al-Zeiny) Head of the Building Materials Division, (Radhiwi) (Jaber) Two Deputies, and (Abu Khuff) Secretary

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Monday - 20 March 2023 - 12:14 AM



The General Assembly of the Building Materials Traders Division at the Cairo Chamber formed the Division’s Board of Directors for a new session starting from this March and for the next 4 years, according to the Commercial Division’s regulations.



For the fourth time in a row, Ahmed Al-Zeiny was chosen to lead the Division's Board of Directors. Hamdy Radhiwi remained in his position as First Deputy for the Division to finish out his duties from the previous session, while Adel Jaber was chosen to hold the position of Second Deputy and Ashraf Muhammad Abu Khuff was chosen to serve as the Division's Secretary-General.




The board of directors for the division was elected by acclamation by both the General Assembly and the board of directors, which also elected the division's administrative members.



After the division's board of directors has been restructured, Ahmed Al-Zeiny stated that a larger meeting will be scheduled to discuss the division's plan in its new session and that the division's board of directors will form a total of committees to discuss all matters of interest to this industry, including committees related to "taxes - price follow-up." - communicating with the Division's staff in order to go through any concerns and ideas for the growth of this industry.